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It should be noted that all our INDUCTION LOOP installations comply with the appropriate British Standard specifications and usually the signal strength of the loop is far in excess of that required to comply with the specification. This ensures an improved signal to noise ratio. Our loop amplifiers have integral electronic circuits to achieve bandwidth restriction and limiter facilities.

Most of the loud speakers we use can be painted by the client to match the background against which they are mounted and all the speakers come with bass cut devices since it is always at the lower end of the spectrum that Churches reverberate. The loudspeakers have integral volume controls and this gives  the opportunity of varying the reproduction volume as required in different areas of the Church.

We only use very high-grade commercial amplifiers and it is normal for those amplifiers to have a rated power output of more than twice that actually needed. This extends the life of the amplifier and subsequently reduces harmonic distortion etc.

Being main distributors for various manufacturers such as Audio- technica we supply a prodigious quantity of DTI approved, auto-diversity multi frequency radio microphones which give the users total freedom of movement without the encumbrance of cables. As the VHF bands become increasingly used we now do not work within that band and so therefore we only supply UHF radio microphones.

In recent years we have completed a number of installations using only radio microphones which of course are very versatile and eliminate the necessity for hazardous cables.

We extensively use modern condenser microphones which normally have a diameter of under 1 cm and they are mounted on extendable thin goose necks..