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Modern electronic equipment is very reliable and it is extremely rare for a client to suffer with equipment failure. Therefore we have never felt justified in recommending various professional insurance/ maintenance contracts. The fact that many Insurance Companies offer 50% of the first year's premiums as commission somewhat backs up our earlier statement about reliability.

From time to time we do receive calls from previous clients and almost inevitably their only requests are for "consumables" such as cables, muffs and radio microphone aerials together with the mics themselves.

Our main office is open for such orders from 9 am through to 5 pm and usually we achieve despatch on the same day that we receive the order.

We issue a one year guarantee on parts and labour but of course this does not cover broken cables etc.

We maintain an emergency advice line 9020 8482 5948) which is usually  from 9 am through to about 8 pm every day but we do try to have Sundays off! 

 INDUCTION LOOP Systems  require absolutely no adjustment after the initial setting up has been undertaken by our engineers.

At CFL, we always say that the maintenance and operation of your INDUCTION LOOP and SOUND SYSTEM is as simple as changing a light bulb!