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Christian Fabrications Ltd was established as a limited Company in 1992 and was an amalgamation of two long established Companies primarily concerned with the installation of CHURCH SOUND and INDUCTION LOOP SYSTEMS.


Geoffrey Yates, the Managing Director, is himself hearing impaired and never ceases to extol the virtues of correctly designed INDUCTION LOOP SYSTEMS. Mr. Yates is a BBC trained engineer and has acted as Consultant to British Telecom, British Gas and many other publicly quoted Companies. Also the late Cardinal Hume and two Archbishops of Canterbury for whom he provided all amplification and simultaneous translation systems for the Lambeth Conference.


Since 1972 he has designed and supervised the installation of over 7000 INDUCTION LOOP  and SOUND REDISTRIBUTION Systems. 


We work throughout the Midlands, Southern England and the West Country. Surveys and subsequent estimates are undertaken free of charge within a 200 mile radius of London.


We do NOT install Public Address Systems in Churches, who wants to make the Preacher louder!


We DO install SOUND REDISTRIBUTION  Systems so that everyone hears the spoken word as though they were within a metre or so of the person speaking. Usually this is achieved by the use of a series of small aesthetically acceptable low volume loudspeakers. Obviously sound quality is of paramount importance but to us the aesthetic acceptability of the equipment has equal priority and although we have now completed 7000 installations there has never been either a Faculty or Architect's rejection of our proposed design.


We specialise in upgrading existing installations and we will not scrap existing equipment if it is still "fit for purpose".  Being a very active member of a local Parish Church Geoffrey is well aware of the necessity for good Stewardship and for many years he was the Premises Manager of the Church.


We are experts at electronically reducing echo and thus improving voice clarity. This is achieved by using expensive test equipment to identify the frequencies at which the Church is reverberating. We then add a sealed 31 band graphic equaliser to the system to "neutralize" the problem frequencies and the resultant sound is greatly enhanced.  In very reverberant buildings we have been known to jokingly say to a Preacher "I hope your Sermon is good because we are hearing it twice!   Often we do not have to change the amplifier to achieve our brilliant results.


Most of our staff are commited Christians and whilst we obviously must make a profit to stay in business, we rejoice in the fact that hopefully our work is of blessing to thousands of people who otherwise might not clearly hear The Word of The Lord.


Please don't hesitate to give us a call for a friendly chat.