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The Disability Discrimination Act states that any business or organisation providing a product or service to the general public must provide auxiliary aids and services (such as installing an INDUCTION LOOP System) to enable or make it easier to use such "services" whenever information is verbally provided. The full implementation of this legislation must have been completed by 2004.

Our Mr G. W. Yates has been designing and installing INDUCTION LOOP Systems for over 40 years and many years ago was involved in negotiations with the National Health Service, these resulted in all NHS Hearing Aids having integral Induction Loop pick up coils.

Nearly 7000 permanent INDUCTION LOOP and SOUND REINFORCEMENT Installations have been completed and many hundreds of temporary facilities provided for major Annual General Meetings etc for organisations such as British Telecom, British Gas, Marks & Spencer, privatised water & electricity Companies and a host of internationally known "household names".